Paul J. Fisher
Rivers of London RPG Casefiles

Rivers of London RPG Casefiles

This page is for sharing my casefiles for the Rivers of London RPG. It’s a tabletop role playing game in which you play as magic police officers in London based off the excellent book series by Ben Aaronovitch. I write casefiles to use for my games and I provide my materials here for others who want to run the game but aren’t in a position to write their own casefiles at this point.

My current casefiles are described below, spoiler-free, with a link to the file containing the details of the adventure for the GM’s eyes only. If you have suggestions, feedback, or just want to say hi, email me at

Stolen Heritage: A burglar has murdered wealthy lawyer Raymond Wah in his Mayfair home. After the burglar escapes with magic, the Folly must find this mysterious burglar before they escape justice and strike again. Delve into a new school of magic, historical crimes, and the global art scene.

The Funhouse Mummy: A seaside sideshow has discover that their fake mummy is a real mummy and she was murdered. Players must find the secrets of her mysterious death in the beach town of Greater Yarmouth. Talk to River Gods, deal with true crime podcasters, and confront a serial killer!

Fiery Vengeance: A sleazy tabloid journalist has been brutally murdered with magical fire. Investigate London’s sleazy tabloids, explore London’s history of fires, and delve deeper into the city’s magical fabric.

The New God of Finance: A strange fire has killed a young programmer in Silicon Roundabout. Investigate the tech industry, learn about the origin of genius loci, and investigate financial fraud.

The Boy Band Bandits: A pair of magical bandits are robbing banks across London while disguised as members of famous boy bands. Dive into banking, fanfiction, and magical healing.